Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Tutoring Looking for a hands-on phonics activity for center work or independent practice? his set included 30 cards focusing on 5 short vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u). Each vowel has 6 corresponding cards and an answer key. I even color coded the cards by vowel sound for easy organization and cleanup.

Hey everyone!
This is my first summer not working full time. In the past I always worked at a summer camp or taught summer school, but this summer I'm free.  Although I LOVE the free time, I needed some extra cash to help sustain me through summer.

I started tutoring a student this summer to keep my pockets full. Sounds like a great plan right? The only problem is I left all of my personal resources in my classroom this year and I can't get back in there to take anything out.

I found some great resources on Teacher Pay Teacher to help supplement my instruction, but I still needed a hands-on activity.  Out of necessity I created these CVC  Clip and Build Task Cards. I had the student write letters A-Z on clothes pins (I had him make a few extra vowel clips so that he could build more than one word at a time). I wrote the answers on the back of the cards so that he could check his work . I also color coded the cards by vowel sound so that he could easily focus on one sound at a time.

Click below to snag your own.

CVC Clip and Build Task Cards

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