Saturday, July 26, 2014

DIY Saturdays

Hey everyone! I'm busy getting ready to September how about you? 

I'm the type of person who can't just veg out and relax on the couch all day. I need to have something to do or someplace to go. I'm starting a new series focusing on different DIY (Do It Yourself) projects you can complete over the weekend.

The first project I want to focus on is a great back to school idea!

DIY Pocket Charts

As some of you may know I recently changed my classroom decor from Dots on Turquoise to bright Chevron. I was able to keep some of my cute creations. Yay!!!! I am keeping  teal/turquoise in my new color pallet but in order to add  the other colors I had to recreate some of my classroom favorites.

I know they make really cute Chevron library pockets at the teacher store, but my little Kinders will not be able to read the labels (picture clues are a must in my class). This year I recreated my  Class Job Chart using images I found on Picture clues help my students understand their job function and take ownership of the classroom.  So lets get started!!

Poster Board:
Envelopes (3 X6)
X-acto Knife

After you decided what type of pocket chart you need, you have to design the outside of your pockets. I used Photo Shop to easily customize my images. Once your  images are complete you have two options...  
  • A print the image directly to the envelop saving you time.
  • B print the image on paper and then cut and glue it to the envelope.
Unfortunately my printer would not accept the envelopes as a printable surface so I had to take the long route. If you are going with Plan B you have to first seal the envelop so that you have a complete pocket. Then you can glue your image and trim the excess portion of the envelope off the top.

Once all your envelopes are complete you can begin laying them out on your poster board. Now that everything is in place glue the envelopes to the poster board.

Run your poster through your local laminator. I would suggest using a slower setting so that the pockets don't lift up and to guarantee a tight seal.

Some of you may be thinking... WAITE!!!! How am I supposed to use the pockets if they are sealed by lamination? This is where the X-acto Knife comes in. You have to carefully slit open the top of the pockets so that you can use them.
Now you are ready to start using your pocket chart!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your new DIY Saturday project.

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  1. LOVE the pocket chart idea and your blog design! I'm all about the ocean themes!

    I'm doing a blog hop today if you'd like to join. :-)

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  2. I LOVE your DIY pocket charts! I can not wait to try it out for myself!

    Best wishes!
    Jen :)