Monday, August 14, 2017


I've been meaning to write this post for ages but never had the time. Well here it is...

  I am a big fan of integrated lessons especially when it comes to Math and ELA. Here is a sneak peak at a sorting lesson that I did a few weeks ago.  I started out by reading Grandma's Button Box. You can find it here on Amazon The book is about a group of cousins who accidentally spill Grandma's button box. The children have to work together to figure out which attribute the buttons were originally sorted by.  While we read the book the students and I made an anchor chart displaying the different attributes the cousins tried. Should have taken  pictured of that. My bad.

 I also picked up these awesome shape buttons to bring the story to life. You can find them Here and Here.   

After the story it was time for center based exploration. The students used the Task Cards from my sorting packet . I provided the pairs with a set of task cards and presorted buttons. The students were asked to sort by multiple attributes like shape, color, size, and number of button holes.

The activity was easily able to differentiate. I created different rings of task cards depending on the ability of the students. Some groups were only sorting by 1 or 2 attributes while my advanced group was attempting to sort by three attributes. 

I set up the activity by printing and laminating the sorting task cards. I then decided the level of rigor for each group and created a ring of task cards for them. Each group was given a tray, task cards, and a baggie of buttons. The groups worked together compete the task cards. The picture clues really helped my struggling readers to understand the task.
Sorting is such an important foundational skill for primary students.  Children are amazed to see how many things they sort on a daily bases...
  • Books in the library by topic
  • Books in the library by reading level
  • Art supplies
  • Pieces to games during indoor recess
  • Clothing
  • Food in the refrigerator
  • Dishes
  • Items on a menu
  • Money
  • Silverware
Once the students saw that sorting is a real life skill, they were  trying to think of how many things they sort, and how many ways they can be sorted. Overall the lesson was a sucess. 

If you are interested in picking up a copy of the sorting center you can hop on over to my TPT store. Click Me

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Teachers Get Fit

Who else says this all the time? I know it sounds like an excuse but a healthy lifestyle can be really hard for a teacher to keep up with.  Teachers are notoriously selfless and put the needs of others first often neglecting themselves.  Here's how it goes.

My Routine

*I get up before the sun,  try on like 5 outfits before deciding on what to wear, smear some makeup up, brush my teeth and run out the door without having breakfast.

*Teach those little darlings all morning and then wolf down my lunch in 20 minutes so I can maybe use the bathroom before picking them up.

*After school I either have club or tutoring until 5. Then I race home get in the door at 6 and start making dinner. Of course my husband won't eat the "healthy" meal I'm having so I have to make him something devilishly good (naturally I have to try some too just to make sure it isn't poison).

*By the time I clean up I am to exhausted and bloated to put workout clothes on and head to the gym. So Netflix it is.

*Then I take a shower, snuggle in to bed and get ready to start the cycle over tomorrow. But somehow this time I will make time to workout and ear right.


I have gained at least 20 pounds each year since I started teaching.  My cholesterol has gone up and I have pain in my knees and lower back from carrying this extra weight. I always have the best intentions but never seem to follow through or at least not for long enough to make a dent. This year I swear it is going to be different.

Last week you may have seen my post about the yogurt containers. This is one tiny little step on my journey to being a better me. Now I can have breakfast ready, no excuses for missing breakfast.

I also decided to scale down my tutoring and after school activities to three nights a week.  That gives me 5 days I can make time to work out. I thought maybe some positive reinforcement might help. I created this exercise tracker to help keep me on target. My personal starting goal is to workout 3 times a week. Each day I workout I am going to cross out a day. If I meet my goal of three days a week for the whole month I am going to reward myself with a mani pedi.

Follow my blog to hear more about my journey and for more tips and tricks along the way.