Monday, July 31, 2017

Meal Prep Monday (Yogurt Parfit)

Quick Easy Teacher Breakfast:
I love breakfast foods! French toast, scrambled eggs, fresh berries and of course a mimosa!!
Once school starts those luxury breakfast go out the window and I'm back to plain orange juice (whats the point in that).  I usually just grab a protein shake or green smoothie and run out the door.  Being a teacher... all that extra liquid can be an issue when you can't use the bathroom whenever you please. So some day's I don't even eat breakfast and then the HANGRIES set in. You can't be hangry and a kindergarten teacher those to don't mix well.

My Solution... 
I found these super cute yogurt cups at Walmart. They are made from BPA free plastic, they are dishwasher safe and they cost less than 2 dollars.  My Walmart carries them all year in grey but only has these cute colored ones during the back to school season. These are great because you can fit a cup of yogurt in the jar and any toppings in the lid.  When you are ready to eat you just open the lid, pour in the toppings and you are ready to go. No more soggy granola!!!

I do my weekly meal prepping on Sundays. I fill up a whole weeks worth  so I can just grab a jar and a spoon and head out the door. I am able to get a healthy, balanced breakfast or a tasty snack in a flash.
This year I will be posting more tips and tricks to keep you healthy, fit and fabulous.

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