Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Teachers Get Fit

Who else says this all the time? I know it sounds like an excuse but a healthy lifestyle can be really hard for a teacher to keep up with.  Teachers are notoriously selfless and put the needs of others first often neglecting themselves.  Here's how it goes.

My Routine

*I get up before the sun,  try on like 5 outfits before deciding on what to wear, smear some makeup up, brush my teeth and run out the door without having breakfast.

*Teach those little darlings all morning and then wolf down my lunch in 20 minutes so I can maybe use the bathroom before picking them up.

*After school I either have club or tutoring until 5. Then I race home get in the door at 6 and start making dinner. Of course my husband won't eat the "healthy" meal I'm having so I have to make him something devilishly good (naturally I have to try some too just to make sure it isn't poison).

*By the time I clean up I am to exhausted and bloated to put workout clothes on and head to the gym. So Netflix it is.

*Then I take a shower, snuggle in to bed and get ready to start the cycle over tomorrow. But somehow this time I will make time to workout and ear right.


I have gained at least 20 pounds each year since I started teaching.  My cholesterol has gone up and I have pain in my knees and lower back from carrying this extra weight. I always have the best intentions but never seem to follow through or at least not for long enough to make a dent. This year I swear it is going to be different.

Last week you may have seen my post about the yogurt containers. This is one tiny little step on my journey to being a better me. Now I can have breakfast ready, no excuses for missing breakfast.

I also decided to scale down my tutoring and after school activities to three nights a week.  That gives me 5 days I can make time to work out. I thought maybe some positive reinforcement might help. I created this exercise tracker to help keep me on target. My personal starting goal is to workout 3 times a week. Each day I workout I am going to cross out a day. If I meet my goal of three days a week for the whole month I am going to reward myself with a mani pedi.

Follow my blog to hear more about my journey and for more tips and tricks along the way.

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