Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Learning Through Play


Hey there,
Life has been kinda crazy these past few months. We moved in to a new apartment and recently got married so I haven't had much time for blogging. Now I am back at it.

I picked up this awesome book for summer reading and it got me thinking about how I could incorporate more play into our Kinder routines.
  Image result for the importance of play book

 I saw how much my kiddos loved using Hot Wheels and toy cars during indoor recess. What if I could find a way to use them during our learning time. Then it hit me.... LETTER ROADS!!! I went home, hopped on the computer and whipped up these.
Now my kiddos can follow the roads to build muscle memory and practice forming letters. They think they are playing having fun racing their friends through the letters while they are actually learning. SNEAKY.

I am always looking for new ideas. How do you infuse play in your classroom?

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