Saturday, April 4, 2015

You Oughta Know... Go Noodle

Hey everyone! This month I am teaming up with the lovely Mrs. McClain and fellow teacher bloggers for another addition of the You Oughta Know blog hop.  A few months a go I had the opportunity to attend the New Jersey Kindergarten Teachers' Convention in Atlantic City.  It was one of the best experiences. I got to spend a few days bonding with my amazing Kindergarten Team while learning and growing with other K teachers in the state. And the highlight of my trip was meeting Dr. Jean!!!

While I was at the convention the topics of focus and attention span were brought up numerous times.  Young learners can only sit still and retain for a few minutes; they need the opportunity to move and talk.  Mini breaks are great for allowing students a chance to get their wiggles out so they can focus  and follow along during the rest of the lesson.
One of the presenters at the convention mentioned and I couldn't wait to try it out. Here's a little more info for those of you who might not know what Go Noodle is.  Go Noodle is this awesome website that provides kid friendly videos and activity that get your students up and moving. I like to use videos and songs from youtube but I was always paranoid that there would be an inappropriate ad at the end. Not with Go Noodle.
Go Noodle offers a variety of activities from yoga and stretching to running and dancing. There is even a section where you can link up you favorite pre-screened youtube videos.

When you create an account you can select a monster that grows and changes the more you play.  Your monster gains 1 point after each video and levels up after 10. My kids just love earning monster points.

Head on over to to create your free account today! Don't forget to check out more great classroom tips from other teacher bloggers.


  1. Hi there! This looks like so much fun and exactly what I am looking for to use with my kiddos this spring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Ashley! I just discovered Go Noodle and my kids LOVE it too!! They log on at home as well and make requests the next day. :-)
    Also, I met Dr. Jean several years ago at her very first Kindergarten Camp. She was delightful!! I teach 2nd now and I try to fit her songs into the older curriculum. The kids still love her songs!

    i Heart Second

  3. My class loves Go Noodle! Pop See Ko and Dinostomp are our two favorites.
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  4. We LOVE Go Noodle! I almost blogged about this today haha :) I have been using it since last winter and it has really come a long way in the last year. So many of my students log on at home- I even log on for my own two kids to have wiggle breaks at home. If you haven't tried it yet you definitely need to :) :)

  5. My class LOVES Go Noodle!!! This is my first year using it and I wish that I had tried it sooner!! Such a wonderful resource and great for giving kids some brain breaks!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  6. We LOVE Go Noodle!! Many of my parents have said their kids have downloaded it at home & make the family take brain breaks :)

  7. My first graders are Go Noodle pros! It's my second year using it and I love it!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

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