Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Books and More

Happy Earth Day everyone!
This week in Kindergarten we have been busy celebrating Earth Day.
I went to the local library and found so many great books that discuss recycling and taking care of our planet. I even found some Earth Day books featuring some of out favorite characters like Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Franklin,  Biscuit and Clifford.  Here is a list of our 15 favorite Earth Day Books
  • Franklin Plants a Tree
  • Recycle (Non-fiction)
  • Earth Day
  • Earth Day Hooray
  • Reecyling is Fun
  • Why Should I Recycle? (Non-fiction)
  • Compost Stew
  • Michael Recycle
  • Biscut Celbrates Earthday
  • Earth Day Puppy
  • Where Does the Garbage Go? (Non-fiction)
  • Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day
  • The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle
  • Emeraldlicious
  • We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers 

We also got a little creative and made this cute Earth Day craftivity.
This kids had a blast making this craft. The kids used blue and green markers to create an Earth on a coffee filter. They then used pipettes to drop water on to the coffee filters.  They LOVED using the pipettes.  We let them dry over night and then assembled the rest of the craft the next morning. On the bottom they attached a writing prompt where they listed ways they could help protect the Earth.

How did you celebrate Earth Day in your classroom? 

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