Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Saturday (Classroom Organization)

Hey everyone!

Summer is winding down, some of you may already be back in school.  I'm not allowed back in to my room for set up until the 25th.  I'm wasting no time by organizing at home. A colleague of mine shared this great classroom organizational tip for storing foam craft letters or magnet letters.

All you need is a a bead storage box from your local craft store. I selected the one with 18 fixed compartments.

I labeled each compartment so that the students will know where to find a specific letter. My box only has 18 compartments so some letters have to share. I always tell the students... In Kindergarten Everyone Shares (if only that was true). I have to admit that this was not a fun task. Next time I will turn this job into a center for the students (letter recognition, fine motor).

 My inspiration for this mind numbing task stemmed from my newest back to school product. Click to learn more.
Chicka Chicka Name Craft
To save time I put all of the craft pieces and letters the students would need into individual zippy bags. These will look great with my newest back to school welcome poster...


  1. I love the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom poster! I did a door in my room like that with their names on it (from Pinterest) super fun! I "met you" on the tpt forums and am glad I found your blog. Happy new school year! Oh, and I had to smile at the "in kindergarten everyone shares" we DO wish that were true!!

  2. Thanks for finding me! Your blog is super cute. I love connecting with other Kinder teachers. Good luck this year!