Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Plastic Containter Transformation 8/2

Hey Everyone!
Who's excited for the big TPT sale Monday? My cart is already filled to the brim with awesome resources for next year. Yes, even though I am a TPT seller I am a huge TPT customer. I have been busy finishing last minute products for the sale, but I was able to squeak out a quick DIY project for all of you. Stop by  My TPT Store to see what's new.

DIY Plastic Container Transformation.

Everyone has at least one plastic storage bin hanging around. They typically aren't cute, or extremely durable, but we all have one. I was recently in the market for a storage bin to hold the extra classroom supplies. I found this one on sale for $5 at Walmart!!
What a bargain they are typically at least $20. The only problem is....
It doesn't match my new classroom color scheme.
After the post you will never pass up a good bargain for the sake of the right color.

Rust-oleum makes glossy spray paint that bonds to plastic with no need for primer or sanding!!  Of course I selected "Seaside" to make over my storage bins.
Here's what you need...
1. Something plastic that needs a makeover
2. Glossy Plastic Spray Paint
3. Garbage bags or Newspaper,
4. Dry, low wind day.

Here's what to do...
1. Wipe down your piece to remove any dust or residue from the store, this ensures a smooth finish.
2. lay down tons of news paper or garbage bags so you don't have rainbow grass when you are done.

3. Shake the can and spray away. The piece should by dry to the touch in 20 minutes and fully dry after 24 hours. You may need to go back to apply a second coat if you missed any spots. I missed the inside corners and had to go back and fill them in the next day.

I had a little spray paint left in the can for another fun DIY project. Thanks for stopping by.

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