Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week

This past week was Teacher's Appreciation week. Families all over the country showed their support and admiration for teachers.  I can not believe the level of gratitude shown towards me this week.

One of my Kindergarten Families nominated me for the Scholastic Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes. I was selected among the 100 teachers who won the sweepstakes. I still can't believe someone took the time to even nominated me. Scholastic was generous enough to send me these delicious strawberries. Being a Kindergarten teacher, I did share them with my family, but it pained me to do so.

Our PTO provided the staff with a beautiful French themed lunch.  It was great not having to get up 5 minutes early just to pack something for lunch. The whole school really went out of their way to show that they care.

I would love to hear how you celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week in your school!

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