Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Youtube in the classroom

There are thousands of great resources floating around on YouTube. I know plenty of colleagues who would love to show Khan Academy clips, animated stories, character education videos or silly brain breaks. Some teachers are still apprehensive about using YouTube. We've all heard the horror stories and sometimes the risk isn't worth it. Here are a 2 tips to help make YouTube more classroom friendly.   

Tip #1 Pre-screen
No matter what the content or the source I always watch the videos at home before showing it to my class. I do this to ensure the appropriateness of the content but also the value. I don't have 4 minutes to waste on irrelevant information.

Tip # 2 filter the video through an alternate source. 
Ok so you found the prefect video to explains proper nouns but there is profanity in the comment section, an unrelated suggested video on the side bar or maybe it has an ad that you want to skip. Pintrest is a great way around all of that. I simply pin the video to my "YouTube in the classroom" board and then play the video off of Pintrest. All you see is the video!
Check out my YouTube Pintrest board for more great ideas.

How do you use YouTube in the classroom?

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