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My name is Ashley and I am a Kindergarten teacher in New Jersey. I am excite to begin my third year teaching Kindergarten this fall. I previously worked with first graders and preschool children, but Kindergarten is where my heart is.

My grandmother is a retired Preschool teacher and she is my inspiration. She always found a way to make learning fun and memorable. On hot summer days she would let me tie sponges to my feet and clean the kitchen floor. I would pretend to ice-skate and twirl around, most often making a bigger mess than when I started. She didn't mind that the floor was streaky and covered in soap bubbles; I was using my imagination. I was learning through play.

It always amazes me when we are out at the store and she meets a former student. Even after 15 or 20 years they still remember her and comment about how she impacted their life.  I strive to be half the teacher she was. With the pressures of the Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, SGOs, Budget Cuts, and all the other busy work we need to do,  it is easy to lose our way. We must always remember why we became teachers, and who inspired us to inspire others.

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